No matter what kind of camping trip you and your pup are planning, having a comfortable place to crash at the end of the day is key. That's why we've put together a list of the best dog camping beds to help make every outdoor adventure even better.

From super lightweight options perfect for backpacking to luxurious loungers for car campers, we've got you (and your four-legged friend) covered. So throw one in the trunk and hit the road — your next great adventure awaits!

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K&H Original Elevated Dog Bed

With The Canopy, This is the Best For Indoor or Outdoor Comfort

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Why It Caught Our Attention

The K&H Original Elevated Dog Bed is a comfortable and durable camping bed for dogs of all sizes. This tent dog bed features a raised, off-the-ground design that provides cushioning and air flow to keep pets cool in warm weather.

The heavy-duty steel frame supports a waterproof fabric shell that holds up against the elements during long trips outdoors. Additionally, the shelter offers extra padding at the bottom for superior comfort and security.

This tent dog bed also comes with adjustable tie-down ropes so it can be tied to prevent movement or firmly secured into place. With its stylish design, versatility, and ease of assembly, this product is an ideal solution for pet owners who are looking for comfortable camping beds that stand up to tough outdoor conditions while keeping their canine companions safe and protected.

A Summary View

The K&H Original Elevated Dog Bed is the perfect solution for pet owners looking for a comfortable and reliable camping bed for their canine companions. This tent dog bed features:

  • Heavy-duty steel frame with waterproof fabric shell to protect against elements
  • Raised, an off-the-ground design, that provides cushioning and airflow
  • Adjustable elastic tie-down straps to secure the canopy into place while camping
  • Additional padding at bottom of the shelter for superior comfort and security
  • The Canopy option or the Pad option makes it easy to fit this bed perfectly for your pooch's needs.

This stylish and durable dog bed is ideal for outdoor trips, with an easy assembly process and versatile design that ensures both pets and their owners have a great time while exploring nature.

Kurgo Portable Camping Dog Bed

Best Dog Camping Bed for BackPack Camping

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‌Why It Caught Our Attention

The Kurgo Portable Camping Dog Bed is designed for adventurers who love to take their pup with them on the go. This high-quality, waterproof camping dog bed offers superior comfort as it folds away easily and securely into a small size that fits in any bag or pack, making it ideal for camping trips and other outdoor adventures.

The Kurgo Portable Camping Dog Bed is designed to last, crafted with heavy-duty, water-resistant fabrics and a waterproof Rufftex non-slip bottom. There is an included storage pocket that also allows you to store treats or toys inside the bed for added convenience.

With its lightweight design, comfortable features, and long-lasting durability, the Kurgo portable camping dog bed is an excellent choice for pet owners who want to give their furry friends a secure resting spot during outdoor trips.

A Summary View

The Kurgo Portable Camping Dog Bed is the perfect way to bring your pup along on all your excursions. This durable and lightweight bed features:

  • Heavy-duty, waterproof fabrics
  • hand or machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Integrated pocket for storage of treats and toys

This top-quality camping bed is perfect for outdoor trips, as it rolls up easily and securely into a small size that is easy to pack. With its comfortable features, adjustable straps, and long-lasting durability, this dog bed offers superior comfort wherever you go.

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

Use at Home and Summer Campground Camping

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Why It Caught Our Attention

The Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed is the ultimate choice for keeping your pup cool and comfortable during hot summer days. This well-designed pet bed is made from a breathable, lightweight fabric that promotes airflow and evaporation of body moisture to keep your furry friends cool and relaxed.

This bed features an elevated design that helps to keep pets off hot surfaces and away from ground-level bugs and other pests. The durable steel frame also offers superior support for dogs of all sizes, while its elevated design ensures that your pup has plenty of room to rest comfortably. The high-strength mesh fabric is both UV stabilized and mold/mildew resistant, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use.

The Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed is hassle-free and easily maintained, making it a great choice for busy pet owners. Its washable cover allows you to clean with ease while its portable design can be folded flat in seconds for easy storage or travel. Give your pup the best in comfort and cool this summer with one of these top-quality pet beds!

A Summary View

The Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed has been designed with the pet owner in mind, offering superior support, cooling comfort, and easy maintenance. This bed features:

  • Breathable, lightweight fabric to promote airflow and evaporate body moisture
  • Durable steel frame for superior support and stability
  • Elevated design that keeps pets off hot surfaces
  • Mold/mildew-resistant high-strength mesh fabric for outdoor use
  • Washable cover for convenient maintenance
  • The portable design folds flat in seconds for easy storage or travel
  • Available in 4 sizes, and up to 10 colors

This pet bed is the perfect choice for hot summer days as its breathable fabric offers excellent cooling while its elevated design keeps your pup away from ground pests. The durable steel frame offers superior support while the removable cover allows you to clean with ease. Give your pup the best in comfort and cool this summer!

Chuckit Travel Bed

Best For Dogs That Usually Sleep on the Floor

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Why It Caught Our Attention

The Chuckit Travel Dog Bed offers maximum comfort for your pup when on the road. Its unique design includes a cozy travel bed with a handy storage pocket for pet accessories and toys.

This spacious travel bed is made from durable polyester canvas fabrics with a removable, plush sleeping cushion for extra warmth and comfort. The convenient side pockets are designed to store leashes, collars, toys, or treats while traveling.

This bed is perfect for camping trips or long car journeys as it can be easily folded away into a small carrying case. The Chuckit Travel Bed features a stylish blue color with an adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport. Its small size makes it simple to store inside cars or lockers without taking up too much space.

The large sleeping area provides roomy comfort and support for dogs of all sizes while the soft cushion will help to keep your pup cool during hot summer days. Give your furry friend the luxury they deserve on their adventures!

A Summary View

The Chuckit Travel Bed is the perfect choice for on-the-go pups, designed to fold away into a small carrying case for easy transport. This bed offers:

  • Durable polyester canvas fabrics with removable plush sleeping cushion for warmth and comfort
  • Side pockets for storing leashes, collars, toys, or treats while traveling
  • Stylish blue color with adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport
  • A small size that folds away easily for storage and transportation
  • Large sleeping area (30 x 39 in.) provides roomy comfort for medium to large dogs
  • Soft cushion helps keep your pup cool during hot summer days‌‌

This travel bed is ideal for camping trips or long car journeys as it can be quickly folded away and stored in a car or locker without taking up too much space. The durable fabric ensures that it will last you years of use, while the removable plush sleeping cushion gives your pup extra warmth and comfort. Treat your pup to a restful sleep no matter where you are with the Chuckit Travel Bed!


Dog Camping Bed FAQs

It's time to go camping with your best canine friend, but what kind of bed should you bring?‌‌

Finding the right camping bed for your dog can be a challenge. There are so many different types and brands out there, it can be hard to know which one is best for your pup. Should you make him or her sleep on the ground? Should you get a dog sleeping bag?

It's important to find a bed that is comfortable, durable and easy to clean, but how do you know which one to choose?

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about dog camping beds so you can know more about these beds and find the perfect one for your pup.

Do dogs need a bed when camping?

When camping with your pup, a bed can make a world of difference. Not only will it provide them with a comfortable and familiar spot to rest or sleep, but it can also help protect them from the elements when they're out in nature. For example, if there's rain or insects about, having a designated space for them can keep them out of harm's way.

Plus, the extra layer of insulation between your pup and the cold ground can give them an extra bit of warmth and comfort on chilly nights.

Beyond its practical use, having a bed that is specifically theirs may also go a long way in helping establish some familiarity in an unfamiliar environment - reducing anxiety and any loneliness they may experience away from home.

At the very least, providing something soft for your pup to lay on is always recommended - like an old blanket or one made from a synthetic material designed for outdoor use. Ultimately, deciding whether or not your dog needs a bed while camping will depend on their individual needs and preferences, as well as how long you plan on being away.

Where can my dog sleep while camping?

For your pup, sleeping in a tent or a camper can provide extra comfort and protection from the elements while camping. If you’re car or RV camping, you can set up a comfortable bed for your pup using blankets, towels, foam mats, or even a doggy tent.

If you’re exploring the outdoors on foot and backpacking with your pooch, consider investing in an insulated pet sleeping bag made specifically to provide warmth and comfortable support.

An alternative option is to use collapsible dog crates which can be easily tucked away when not in use. Be sure to check with local regulations as some campsites have restrictions on where dogs are allowed to sleep.

Providing some familiar items such as their regular comfy bed or their favorite toy can also help them feel more at ease in an unfamiliar environment and reduce anxiety while they’re away from home.

Do dogs prefer circle or square beds?

Dogs don't care much about shape when it comes to beds. But finding the most comfortable dog camping bed may come down to shape, size, and maybe even softness.

Round beds can be comfortable for pups with joint problems, but larger dogs usually prefer something bigger to sprawl across - like rectangular or square beds.

The key thing to remember is that you should take your pup's needs into account before deciding on a particular shape for their bed. If you notice your pup leaning against rounded edges for extra support and comfort, then a circular-shaped bed might be perfect!

On the other hand, bigger breeds generally require more space so they don’t end up sleeping three-quarters on and one-quarter off the edge of their mattress — in which case, you may want to go with something more square-shaped instead (and maybe even get one sized specifically for large breed dogs!).‌‌

Ultimately though it all boils down to trial and error depending on what works best for your pup - experiment until you find something he loves!"

Do dogs actually like dog beds?

Dogs can be notoriously picky sleepers and there's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to figuring out what type of bed will best suit them. However, the comfort, convenience, and familiarity that a designated dog bed can provide make it a great option for the pup in your life.

Dogs find comfort in their beds because they’re associated with warmth and safety. Not only do these beds give your pup their own space to relax, but they also make for easier cleanup if any potty accidents occur during the night.

If you find that your pooch isn’t taking to their new bed or has difficulty adjusting, try breaking it into smaller pieces until he or she gets used to it. It’s important to keep in mind that some dogs may not take kindly to a special place reserved solely for them, but most canines enjoy having a cozy spot of their own that is reserved just for them - even if on a temporary basis.

Do dogs prefer elevated dog beds?

An elevated dog camping bed is a great option for both small and large breed canines. They are usually elevated off the ground a few inches and provide a variety of advantages including; improved airflow, relief from joint stress, and protection from dirt, dander, and fleas. Not to mention, they provide your pup with an outdoor dog bed for a nap during the daytime.

As with any other type of bed, it is important to select one that is designed specifically for your pet's size and weight. Elevated beds come in different sizes, styles, materials, and colors offering you plenty of choices when it comes to finding the perfect bed for your pup.

It’s important to remember that not all dogs may enjoy the feeling of elevation, so be sure to observe how your pet reacts after introducing an elevated bed into their sleeping area. If they don’t seem interested or appear uncomfortable on the new surface it may be best to look for another option.

Is it OK for a dog to sleep in a tent?

Whether or not it's a good idea for your pup to sleep in a tent will depend on a variety of factors. To start, the type of tent you use should be sturdy and spacious enough for your pet to move around comfortably. If the tent is too small, there may be a safety hazard for your pup as well as other occupants inside.

Additionally, if you are camping in the wilderness, it’s important to consider any potential wildlife that may come near your pup at night. It’s also important to take into account the temperature fluctuations that occur within tents overnight—this could pose a problem if you have a dog with a thicker coat or one who gets cold easily.

With proper consideration and planning, however, tents can make great beds for dogs when camping in safe and comfortable conditions.

Can I leave my dog at my campsite?

Check with the campground for any restrictions on leaving pets unattended before you set up your camp. Most public campgrounds will not allow dogs to remain at a campsite unattended. This is for your pet's safety as well as other animals and people in the campground. Remember that many dogs are stolen every year, so this should be considered as well.

It is possible, however, to leave your dog at your campsite as long as you take the proper safety precautions. Firstly, make sure that the area they are staying in is well-secured so that they do not escape or wander off. You should also provide them with plenty of food and water. Additionally, be mindful of any wildlife or other animals in the area that may pose a threat to your pup while alone.

Lastly, make sure that your pup has an identification tag with contact information in case they become lost or wanders away. If you effectively plan ahead and take all necessary precautions, you can enjoy your camping experience without worry knowing that your pet is safe even when you’re away from the campsite.

Can dogs sleep in the car overnight camping?

Dogs can sleep in the car overnight while camping if certain precautions are taken. It is important to check the temperature outside and inside of the car before leaving your pup in it. Especially on hot days, an interior climate-controlled vehicle may be too warm for a dog.

When you have checked the temperature, crack open the windows a bit to ensure airflow but not enough that your pup can escape. Additionally, make sure they have food and water available as well as a comfortable bed to rest on.

Lastly, make sure that any tensions that may arise between other campers or other animals are kept to a minimum while they’re sleeping so they get good rest. With these precautions taken, your pup will be safe and comfortable while sleeping in the car overnight at the campsite.

Why dogs shouldn't sleep outside when camping?

While it may seem harmless for your pup to sleep outside when camping, there are a few reasons why this might not be the best idea. Firstly, playing or sleeping outside can expose them to potentially dangerous wildlife like coyotes and bears, as well as other animals that could harm or cause stress to them.

Additionally, campsites are often located near bodies of water, and if your pup wades in or drinks from any of these without supervision they could become too cold or even contract diseases. Lastly, it can be difficult to keep your dog safe from other campers who may not understand how to treat them appropriately, so keeping them inside with you is the best way to ensure their safety.

For these reasons and more, it is usually better to keep your pup inside while camping.

How can I keep my dog warm at night while camping?

There are several ways to keep your pup warm at night while camping. Firstly, make sure to bring plenty of blankets and a comfortable bed to place in the tent or car where they’ll be sleeping. Secondly, if the temperature is particularly cold, you can invest in specific coatings that provide warmth without being too heavy and cumbersome for your pet.

Additionally, many campsites have low-powered heaters that will help keep your pup warm on cold nights. Lastly, don’t forget those extra cuddles—wrapping up with them in your sleeping bag is an easy way to provide extra warmth and comfort throughout the night. With these tips, you can ensure your pup remains cozy no matter how chilly it gets outside.

Final Thoughts About Camping Dog Beds

Dog camping beds come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate all types of canines. Whether your pup requires a cushioned bed with extra support, a heavy-duty bed for the outdoors, or something entirely unique to make them feel safe and secure while spending time outdoors, there’s something on the market suitable for every pooch.

With so many options available, it’s never been easier to find the perfect sleeping solution for your four-legged friend during camping trips. One of these beds should be an ideal fit for your pooch, so hit the button to find the right size, color, and configuration for the bed your dog will grow to love.